Monday, August 6, 2012

What's on the beading table today?

Today I am rotating between three projects:

I am still working on the tubular netting project that I started a few days ago

I am mostly working on a commissioned double wrap bracelet for a customer of mine, but I can only work on it in short sessions as these seem to be difficult for me to do for long periods, I tend to get my shoulders to hurting after a while with these since I like to use longer lengths of thread to avoid lots of knots in the bracelet. When I finish with adding all the crystals I will be searching for the perfect silver button to use as a clasp.

The third project on my table is a necklace that I am working on based on my "fruit loop" bracelet pattern. I am graduating the loops so that they will be fuller and longer as you get to the front of the necklace, since this one is for me, I only work on it when not much else is in the works.

Happy Beading! Annita


  1. Lovely projects, how flexible is the tubular netting piece?

    1. it is fairly stiff, I plan on making it into a choker and will put cones on the ends with a wire running through the central core of the piece.