Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to wire wrap a marble

Finished wrapped marble

cut two lengths of wire (I used 20 gauge) approx 10 inches long, then bind them together in the center with a smaller gauge wire (mine was 24 gauge)

wrap the wires around your marble bringing to a point at the top directly above your binding wire

with your marble in the loop of wire pull the pair of wires apart from each other so that you have wires in the north, south, east and west directions

create your bale loop at the top with two of the wires and wrap them with the other two wires

at this point you can either trim all 4 wires or use one or more of them to create spirals for accents

these are the tools that are used

I had a little trouble getting the remarks lined up to the photos, but I think you should be able to follow.

Happy Marble Wrapping!


  1. That's a neat idea, thanks for sharing!

  2. This juat proves that it dosent't have to have a hole in it to be worn as a pendant! Thanks for sharing! PS: I have had the same problem with blogger-lining up the comments with the pictures! My last two posts took several attempts each! Frustrating!

    1. I love working with things that don't have holes. I take it as a challenge to be able to figure out how to wrap it so that whatever it is it hangs properly. I guess with practice I will figure out how to line my comments up, glad it isn't just me.

  3. I love this idea! Thank you so much for posting the instructions!!

  4. Thanks, I'm a beginner and need to learn sooooo much.

    1. Kathy, so glad you found this helpful. I taught myself and it is always good to share information with others, enjoy wrapping your marbles. Annita