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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sorry I haven't been around lately

I have been really busy lately and haven't taken the time to post.  We finally are making progress with the Wagoner Arts Alliance, the Main Street organization (Wagoner Switch District) has leased a building in Downtown Wagoner on Main street and has agreed to let the Art Guild use the majority of the building at no cost !  We will need to do some labor to get it up and ready but it looks like there is enough space to divide the area into a gallery space in the front and office space in the middle for both organizations and then to have classroom space in the back area.

I am finished with the craft fairs for this year and will be working on new pieces over the winter, along with working on getting my studio space up and running. 

The Arts Alliance is planning to hold open studio days, gallery showings and classes in the new year.

Wish us luck on all our activities


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Art Guild in progress

We have an Art Guild in Wagoner now, we are called Wagoner Arts Alliance and I have created a Facebook page for the group, I have someone (my sister the graphic artist) who is going to create a banner / logo for us.

We have several of our artists who will be participating in an upcoming Arts / Crafts event:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

update on art guild

we had 8 local artists show up for the meeting last night, varied areas of art, we have a watercolor artist who specializes in Native American art, one tat is a potter, both slab and coil forming, another who is a potter and painter, a sculptor, an oil painter who used the pallet knife method, a mixed media artist, another painter who does mixed media then there was me a jewelry artist. 

We need to come up with a name, find more members, see if a local business person will gift us a location here in town etc. 

Lots to accomplish before our next meeting, looks like I will be busy


Monday, January 26, 2015

Art guild

Tonight we are meeting at a local artist's studio to try to establish an Art Guild in our small town